Friday, January 11, 2013

Homemade Coconut Yogurt

For me, breakfast is usually the same as lunch or dinner. But I just discovered a new raw recipe for homemade coconut yogurt from Jenny, a woman who loves the bounty that Guam has to offer. Now I can have fruit parfaits, smoothies, etc. It's easy, delicious, raw, and so good for you!


Probiotic powder (from probiotic capsule)
Manha (young coconut meat)
coconut water (buko juice)

1. Blend manha till smooth.  Add coconut water till desired consistency.
2. Add probiotic powder; for every four cups of blended manna it takes two probiotic capsules. Lightly blend.
3. Place in a glass container and incubate in room temperature for 5 hours. 

"And wallla, you get smooth tangy dairy less yogurt! I really like in my morning smoothies!"
-Jenny Chargualaf Coffman

Thanks Jenny, for this great recipe!

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Drea said...

Thanks for sharing! Where can we get probiotic powder?

Leesa Chau said...

You can make probiotic water by opening a probiotic pill and adding it to water or buko juice. I read that you can make probiotic water by fermenting cabbage, but I don't have the specifics on that. I don't know of a commercial probiotic water, but you might check simply foods for it.