Friday, January 14, 2011

Ten Things I Love about Pika's Cafe

You will love Pika's Cafe, Tamuning, and their vegan menu items. The cafe opened only November and is already a big hit on island. Here's what I love about the cafe:

10. They make their own peanut butter.
9. They marinate their own vegetables.
8. They make their own sauces from scratch.
7. They make their own unique soups from scratch (ask if vegan).
6. They have crisp potato, taro, banana, sweet potato, and other tuber chips - all local and all vegan.

5. Amazing and creatives salads like fresh greens, watermelon, kumquats, pickled red onions, and a pika vinaigrette.
4. Owner Lenny has plenty of experience preparing vegan-friendly foods in Guam, California, and other places.
3. Pika's has a vegan lunch item called the "Veganita": Tortilla Wrap Panini with Katson's Soy Chorizo-Black Bean-Guam Tofu Scramble, Red Onions, Tomatoes and Romaine with side salsa.
2. Pika's has a vegan breakfast item called the "Vegan Rancheros": Katson's Soy Chorizo & Guam Tofu Scramble, Black Beans, Cilantro Rice, Ranchero sauce and Tortilla.


1. Their friendly staff prides themselves on using *local* produce like corn and fresh herbs, as well as other local foods like tofu.

Check out their Facebook page for location and hours. You will not be disappointed!


Tamagosan said...

Whoohoo! Yay for yumminess.

Lisa Chau said...

Wow! What's not to love!

Drea said...

That sounds like an awesome place! I'll have to check it out soon.

beve_luna said...

The Vegan Rancheros looks amazzzzing.

Katie King said...

so happy to find this blog thanks :) we're new on the island.