Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping for Organic Produce

I was at the grocery store loading my groceries onto the conveyer, waiting for the cashier to check out my groceries, when I notice other people's carts filled with meat, unhealthy starches, and junk foods loaded with addictive chemicals like those found in chips and soft drinks.

What do your groceries look like? Here's a picture of mine below.

From Guam Vegan

I try to buy organic foods as much as possible a few sources. Where can you find organic produce on island?

Healthy Hearts in Dededo recently began offering fresh organic produce. To get on their mailing list for notifications when organic produce would be available, please email Healthy Hearts at 
I bought organic rainbow kale and oranic portabello mushrooms. They were so fresh and so delicious. I did not wonder what pesticides and herbicides lurked on the surface of my food. I did not wonder what chemicals were inside the food. I did not wonder how much I needed to wash the vegetables. I simply washed, cooked and enjoyed! There is something sweet and wonderful about organic veggies!

Payless at Micronesian Mall has a small organic produce section. The fresh produce availability is sporadic. I have seen organic lemons, apples, pears, bananas, lettuce, carrots, and cauliflower. But they only appear mysteriously, on some unkown schedule. However, you can usually find frozen organic produce like peas, carrots, edemame (soybeans), spinach, green beans, and mushrooms.

Canned organic foods can be found at Payless at Micronesian Mall, Healthy Hearts in Dededo, and Simply Food in Agana Heights. Packaged organic frozen meals can be found at Simply Food and Payless.

Recently I heard of an organic farm in Yigo, Guam, but no one could give me anymore information on this. I will keep you updated if I find out more.

Thanks to everyone that supports the organic produce providers, so we can continue to have fresh organic foods on Guam!


candice said...

Thanks for posting this! I just moved back to Guam. I caught onto the veggie/vegan and raw food movement while I off-island so this is very helpful! Now, I hope they can bring colonic hydrotherapy here too!

Primitiva said...

Thanks for posting this! I just moved back to Guam and have been on the hunt for organic produce to juice/eat. I got a glass of juiced apples and carrots at GPO and it tasted like pesticides! So, it came to the point where I began gardening my own veggies(this is the hard way but still gonna do this). So, thanks for saving me some time. They should make organic produce more available in Hagatna though...

Primitiva said...

Thanks for posting this! I caught onto the vegan/raw food wagon while living in NYC and being exposed to the many delicious options there! I like to drink a glass of green juice everyday. My first day back, I bought a glass of fresh juice and it tasted more like the pesticides than the actual fruit. So, I decided to plant my own garden (which is the hard way but it's still a good way to know what you're eating). Unfortunately, I cannot grow everything in it. So, thanks for saving me some time in my search!

Lisa Chau said...

Thanks for your comments! It is so true that regular fruits and veggies are loaded with pesticides. And the purest and freshest source would be growing your own!

Do you have any suggestions/advice for our readers on gardening on Guam?
What do you grow? What's easy? What is trickier and what tricks have you discovered to keep the bugs away?

Thanks for reading and good luck with your gardening. The earth thanks you for it!

Lisa Chau said...

Hi Candice! Thanks for your comments. Congrats on eating healthy. It's so good for you and good for the earth too!

I recently had colon hydrotherapy done for the first time in the Philippines. I would love to bring it Guam. It is so good to clean out our insides while detoxing. I am connected to the alternative health community on Guam, and I will see what I can do to bring it Guam. What a great idea!